A Comprehensive end-to-end Unified eProcurement & eAuction system

Digital procurement solutions for maximum efficiency.

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A Comprehensive end-to-end and Unified eProcurement & eAuction System.

In the area of Procurement for all Government/Private organizations, a unique value proposition is offered here as eNivida, a complete end-to-end offering for organizations to move from manual or offline procurement to the eProcurement online solution offering.

eNivida is fully designed and developed in India, governed by ISO 9001 and 27001 standards and the Open Web Application Security (OWASP) guidelines are covered, you can be sure that we have verifiable processes in place that meet demanding National and International standards.The System is certified by STQC, Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India to compliance of CVC guidelines, GFR 2017 and IT Act 2000 (and its amendment 2008).

eNivida is an Internet based application for web enabled procuring, designed and developed to bring automation to the procurement of goods and services through various types of tenders which include Single Tender, Two-Bid Tender, Three-Bid Tender, QCBS Tender, Global Tender, Pre-Tender Management, Post-Tender Management, Tender-cum-Reverse/Forward auction etc.

Our innovative technology provides organizations with a powerful and robust solution, which removes the huge administrative burden associated with producing and disseminating Bid, Tender and Procurement requests, the management and evaluation of submissions and the management of your supplier base. We are committed to ensuring that the eProcurement platform remains “Best of Breed” in an ever changing procurement landscape.

Product Compliance

STQC guidelines on e-Procurement.

GFR Guidelines

Public Works Department guidelines.

Specific department procurement guidelines can be customized.

WB and ADB bidding guidelines.

Information Technology Act 2000, Govt. of India and all amendments thereafter.

Reserve Bank of India e-Payment Guidelines.

CVC guidelines.


IPR Rights registered with the Govt. of India.

Software Testing by STQC, Govt. of India.

Quality Certification with OWSAP testing by STQC.

Compliance with latest CVC guidelines.

Data Centre Certified by MeitY.

Modules of eNivida

  • Centralized Supplier/Contractor Management System.
  • Indent Management- Pre tendering activity.
  • E-Tendering.
  • E-Auction (Forward & Reverse).
  • E-Payments.
  • Contract & PO Management- Post Tendering activity.
  • E-Measurement Book.
  • Contractor Billing system.
  • Inventory & Catalogue Management.
  • SMS Gateway & e-Mail Gateway.
  • Management Information System (MIS).
  • Workflow based approach for setting up multiple levels of Approvals.
  • Payment gateway with Credit card/Net Banking/NEFT & RTGS.
  • Net Banking with 50 over Banks.
  • E-Wallet system.
  • Payout reports.
  • Financial reports on Processing Fee, Form Fee, EMD, SD, etc.
  • Reconciliations.
  • Online EMD refund.


Extended Features

  • Process flow based on type of tender.
  • Online Generation of NIT.
  • QCBS Evaluation Module.
  • Dashboard − Quick navigation and displays pending activities.
  • Complete audit tracking system.
  • User defined Work flow system.
  • User defined SMS/Email Alerts for major events.
  • Online pre bid meeting, tech clarifications, etc.
  • Document Storage for bidders- My Documents.
  • Black listing of vendors.
  • Powerful smart search for flexible viewing.
  • Downloading, e-mail and printing options.
  • History of tenders.
  • Easy interface to backend and front end operations.

Security Features

  • User Access: User ID, Company ID & password, Two level Password security with forceful change of password every month, OTP based login and KYC verification, Roles defined by Admin, Access control and Role based delegations, PKI based login - During login the user’s DSC is each time checked by Challenge response code logic (CRL); this ensures that the DSC used is genuine one.
  • Digital Signatures: PKI support.
  • Double Encryption Technology for bids.
  • Multiple Tender opening authority and STOA (Super Tender opening authority) featur.
  • Sensitive files: symmetric/asymmetric industry standard encryptions.
  • Secured socket layer (SSL).
  • Firewalls and antivirus.
  • Net manager and Intrusion detector.
  • Server time matching with IST.
  • Application security: Limited views based on access, Limited access for activities.

Types of Tenders supported by eNivida

Open Tenders.

Limited Tenders.

Expression of Interest.


Request for Quotation.

Empanelment, Rate Contract.

QCBS tenders.

Global/Domestic Tenders.

Tender cum Reverse/Forward Auctions.

Public Announcement etc.

Types of Auctions supported by eNivida

Tender-Cum-Forward & Reverse Auctions.

Forward/Reverse Auctions.

Spot Auctions.

Property Auctions.

Seeds Auction.

Bales Auction.

Bid Capacity Auctions.

Types of Indents supported by eNivida

Direct Indent.

Tender Indent.

Single Tender Indent (GFR:166).

Indent For ECV below 25K (GFR:154).

Indent For ECV 25001 - 2.5 Lakhs (GFR:155).

Above 2.5 Lakhs (GFR:161).

Indent For GeM Item Purchase (GFR:149).

eMbook- Contract Management System

Manual Contracts.

eTendered Contracts.

Lumpsum Contracts : Bills of Quantities, Pre-pricing, Drawings and Specifications, Contracts for Specialist Consultancy Services, and Engineering Procurement Construction.

Measurement Contracts.

Item Rate Contracts.

Percentage Rate Contract.


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